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Have you seen the Parthenon?Have you seen the Parthenon?
The film explores the development of democracy in ancient Greece using the remains of the great city of Athens and the vases and decorative arts which can still be seen today. The film was shot in 1974 when modern Greece was stumbling into the vibrant democracy it now is; so to some extent it is a part of history itself. Democracy is of course about people and ideals so the struggles of the societies of today are part of the ongoing course which stretches back to the Athens of the fourth century bc. Democracy emphasises that every individual in a society is as important as the next one and this is the theme of the film. The ancient Greeks are so much with us today in their art and literature as well as their political ideals just because their society began to give the individuals there a say in government and the possibility of individual expression.

To make this film Malcolm Hossick lived with his wife and daughter for a year in Corfu just up from the house where Gerald Durrell had lived forty years before. So Greece and all its beauty had time to seep into his bones.
Corfu then was not the busy tourist resort it now is just as the rest of Greece then lay uneasily sweltering in the sun on the brink of redeeming itself and turning once again into the democratic ways of its astonishing past. We forget this story at our peril and the film sets out to show how much more than a heap of ruined stones the Parthenon really is.

Duration: approx 50 minutes
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